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ASFAH BioEnergy is a Malaysian company established in 1994 and has since successfully grown its operations to become a key biofuel player in Malaysia .With its’ R&D, production and supply of high-grade biofuels. 

In the year 2000, ASFAH BioEnergy started to ship out its’ BioEthanol products to Japan and was sold in more than 360 petrol stations. At that time the main product was alternative fule to petrol with RON 105.

After 4 years into biofuel business, that is in 2004, ASFAH was the first Malaysian company that shipped out palm based biofuel/biodiesel to Japan, followed by Korea and EU. And also traded bio fuel with USA

ASFAH built a Palm Methyl Ester plant for Korean market in Westport, Port Kelang with production capacity of 36,000 MT annually in 2006.

And latest in 2017 started its’ pellet production plant in Simpang Ampat , Penang. ASFAH BoEnergy’s latest production line are for wood and wood mix pellets, reflecting our customers requests and our raw material supply chain. Biomass pellet plant was established serving Japan and China market.

ASFAH’s offices and factories strategically located for   international customers from Port Klang – Malaysia’s main port for export. And also Penang Port which is also a major port in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.