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Biodiesel (or methylseter) is similar to diesel, but has differences akin to those between petrol and ethanol. For instance, biodiesel has a higher cetane rating (45-60 compared to 45-50 for petroleum diesel) and it acts as a cleaning agent to get rid of dirt and deposits.

Analogous to the use of higher compression ratios used for engines burning higher octane alcohols and petrol in spark-ignition engines, taking advantage of biodiesel's high cetane rating can potentially overcome the energy deficit compared to ordinary Number 2 diesel.

Our biodiesel is basically from palm oils ,palm oil byproducts or palm oil wastes  

They are processed into PME  using transesterification method with enhanced supercritical and Nano technology.

This product is mainly used as diesel substitute or blended with diesel to increase its green or sustainability components and it is mainly used in trucks , cars and others in transport industry