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ASFAH BioEnergy produces liquid biofuels mainly from palm oil , palm oil byproducts and palm oil wastes to produce BioDiesel and BioFuels.

The BioDiesel and BioFuels can be used directly into engines and boilers without any modifications . Our fuels are all being modified to fit the usage and requirements by the customer. 

We can custom made the fuels you require.

Lately, our customers require biomass fuel that has high calorific values and clean-burning qualities. Wood pellets are among the most popular biomass materials used to replace solid fuel like coal and wood.

Through dedicated research and development coupled with modern manufacturing capabilities, ASFAH modifies the natural biomass raw materials and enhance their properties to produce high grade biomass fuels.

All our products are  clean, non-toxic and made from 100%  sustainable materials. ASFAH also has a concession of 788ha of land to plant and produce our raw materials.